Running + SRR = Heaven!

29 Sep

“I’m passionate about running. But now, I’m more than passionate feelin’ Running BAREFOOT.” – O anong sinabi si Shamcey dyan?! Well iba talaga pag ang pinagsama mo ang dalawang bagay na akala mo’y di maaring magsama. Parang BAKASYON at WEIGHT LOSS o di kaya ICE CREAM at FRENCH FRIES.  Pwede ding running BAREFOOT na may totoong SAPATOS. Teka nalilito ka na ba?!

Well its not really nakakalito but more of a great Evolution ( Naks! ). Skechers is known as a lifestyle shoe in the early years, I can still remember how comfortable I was wearing them in school. And since every one is going active or gearing towards a healthier lifestyle, Skechers combined RUNNING and COMFORT all in one shoe… the Skechers ProSpeed SRR.

What?! Sketchers ProSpeed ?!

The ProSpeed SRR features the patented Smart Shoe™ Technology, the rocker-bottom that guides runners into mid-foot strike position. This mid-foot strike design transforms the energy of impact, through the Kinetic Return System, into forward motion with every stride. Sketchers ProSpeed SRR is also lightweight due to the Resalyte™ cushioning with memory retention that reduces impact for a supported, comfortable ride during runs. Each ProSpeed comes in just under 10 oz. per shoe depending on the size.

bagay kay ulikBLOGrunner

Its like running on air ang drama paggamit mo ang  Sketchers ProSpeed SRR. Well I know some of you can’t believe it. But its true. Its Light, Comfortable and will surely make you go vroom vroom! So try one now and Im sure na hindi ako mapapahiya sayo!

For More Info You can Check out:

Check out for more news on the Skechers ProSpeed SRR and

*Thank you to Ms. Vima ( aka kulitrunner ) and also Ms. Beatrice Bobadilla for the Invite.

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