17th Alaska Football Cup

09 Nov

Official Press Release

Continuing its advocacy of promoting excellence through sports, Alaska Milk launches the biggestand grandest amateur football event of the year in the Philippines, – The 17th Alaska Football Cup will be held on Nov. 10 and 11 at the Alabang Country Club.

Already a local institution the Alaska Football Cup, which has been going on for almost two decades, features 4,000 football players (girls and boys ages 7-17 years old) in 280 teams playing 680 games in 25 football fields simultaneously.The tournament started modestly with less than 300 players in 20 teams playing in five football fields in 1976 and has since grown by leaps and bounds.

Now the tournament routinely draws teams not only from Metro Manila and nearby provinces but participants from as far as Baguio in the north and the Visayas in the south. Young football enthusiasts travel with their families and friends to come together to compete in various age divisions.

The Alaska Football Cup is the biggest local amateur football event. To liven the competition even more, the winning girls team earns the honor of participating in the most prestigious youth football event in the world — the Gothia Cup in Sweden.Gothia Cup,  The World Youth Cup, is the world’s largest football tournament with 1,600 teams from 80 countries participating each year.

The Alaska Football Cup is part of the Alaska Football Power Camp which holds training programs during the summer months in Alabang, Fort Bonifacio and various schools all over the country.

Through the power camp Alaska instills in young people positive values like determination, teamwork, hard work and discipline. Alaska promotes the same values to a bigger, wider audience nationwide through the Alaska Football Cup.The culminating activity of the Alaska Football Power Camp during the summer is the Alaska Football Festival in May which was expanded into the Alaska Football Cup held in November every year. Alaska’s football program is supported by the Makati Football Club and the Alabang Football School.

The Alaska Football Cup is open to all amateur teams especially from schools and community football clubs who may wish to participate in a well-organized and prestigious soccer competition.

Alaska Milk continues to promote sports activities to help develop better athletes by ensuring that participants are aware of the role of proper nutrition which is the foundation of any sports activity.

Alaska Milk believes that the most effective way to instill the correct values of discipline, determination and hard work among the youth is through sports which is why it continues to support and organize sports activities other than just basketball.

 For more information, check out the Alaska Football Cup website, and live tweets and updates @ALASKAsportshub

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