Pinoy Triathletes all set to Race for IM Langkawi

22 Sep

124 Filipinos are set to participate at the IronMan (IM) race to be held on Septmeber 27 at Langkawi, Malaysia. Kasama ang Isa sa Ulikblog Idols na si CELMA HITALIA!!!! Taray diva?

ironman malaysia RFM

Triathletes with varying profiles and athletic abilities, these group of Pinoys have bonded together to from what is now the largest and second Philippine contingent ever to race in a full IM distance race outside the country, the first one being the 90-member team who went to compete at the IM Asia Pacific Championship in Melbourne, Australia last March.

This year marks the return of the IM race in Langkawi, Malaysia. Langkawi Island is located within a cluster of tropical islands that attract visitors from all over the world. Our Pinoy triathletes along with other participants, are set to embark on a truly Malaysian cultural journey through a 3.8k swim, 180km bike ride and a full marathon (42.2k) on tropical, hilly and demanding terrain passing traditional kampungs (villages), mangrove clusters and rainforest vistas.

The team, organized by triathlete and RP Paratriathlon Team Coach, Vince Garcia, is composed of mostly first-time IM Langkawi participants and a number of second and third time participants. The press conference held at Skippy’s Bar and Grill BGC was a move to express the growth of passion in triathlon among Filipinos in only half a decade.


Sunrise Events, Inc. (SEI), the franchise holder of IM races in the Philippines has expressed full backing to the contingent. With Princess Galura, Project Director of SEI, she shared, “SEI will continue supporting Filipinos competing in IM races all over the world.”

Apart from Coach Vince, some of the notable members joining IM Langkawi are celebrity triathlete Drew Arellano, Ultra Runner Willy Yao, the youngest Charles Lazaro who is 21 years old and Cobra IM 70.3 2014 Filipina Elite Champion Joyette Jopson.

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