Grad School Life Oh My Grad School Life!

13 Oct

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Grad School

Hayaan nyong simulan ko ito ng Papuri’t Pasasalamat sa Poong Maykapal na nagbigay sa akin ng oportunidad upang malagpasan ang Grad School ng Matagumpay.

Ms. Regina Dy, my esteemed adviser, my cordial thanks for the warm encouragement, thoughtful guidance, critical comments (nganga moment!), corrections for my IMC and for accepting me as your mentee; Ms. Nina Poblador – for the insightful discussions, the valuable advice and support during the defense; Ms. Farah Acierto-Cabanban – for the time and for believing in my IMC; Ms. Bambi Flores, Ms. Remy Tamaca, Ms. Julie Tanada, Dr. Luisa Delayco and Sir Anlex Basilio – for your assistance and kindness; and my Professors, Ms. Ging Walton, Sir Macky Dinio , Sir EJ Francisco and Sir Ed Mapanao, thank you for imparting your expertise. Sir Patrick Cenon – for those challenging exams and exciting class activities, you made grad school not just memorable but a colorful one; Ms. Lysa Sanchez – for challenging me to strive for excellence all the time; and Sir Donald Lim, thanks for opening my eyes to the online world.

To my ever-loyal classmate Gerai, thank you for your excellent advises and detailed review during the preparation of my IMC, shempre Thank You din sa pag uundertime mo sa office just to have “Afternoon Delight” with me before class (harot! harot!) ; Shane, Carla, Gilda and Ley, many thanks for keeping me sane; Team Philippines of Personal Selling Class under Sir Patrick (Anvey, Donna, AR and Gerai), Team Talino’t Trabaho (Brice, Alfred aka Vanessa Lim, AR and JK),  and Team Red Barracuda ( Gerai, Shane, Donna, JK and Paning) thanks for your awesome support!

To my Tita-Ninang Dr. Rosario, I greatly appreciate your excellent assistance and your spiritual support for me during my study; I will treasure this forever.  Thank you to my friends Gian, Dra. Bebang, and the rest of NBH.  My sincere thanks to my running team, Snail Runners Alabang, my blogger friends, and of course Deng, Rachelle, Chang, Tiffy, Te, and Carly for believing that I can do it and for continuously supporting me even though I chose to be green (La Salle) than blue (Areneyo).  To the person who inspired me for the past 2 years, thanks for the support (yihee! Kinilig kayo!).

Lastly, I warmly and humbly thank and appreciate my Parents not just for their material and spiritual provision in all aspects of my life, but for allowing and supporting me to go back to school – not following their dreams this time but my own heart. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
Of course, to my sisters Michelle, Eva Riza, and Mila Marciana  many thanks for providing me your assistance in numerous ways I cannot even count.

Our life has a limit so don’t waste it by living someone else’s life.  Be brave, follow your heart and intuition then just enjoy the ride.


♥ Benjamin Asiddao Jr RN, MMC

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