Alaska Ironkids 2015: Building a healthy World one Tri Event at a Time

09 Mar


A Hectic standard of living usually leads parents to resort in entertaining kids with electronic media like iPad, iPhone, PlayStation or television. But every millennials needs to experience playing outdoors to develop his or her physical, social and emotional well being.

Last Saturday at WOW Swimming Pool and Remy Field in Subic Bay, about 250 super energetic kids from aged 6 to 14 adorned and participated in the 2015 Alaska Ironkids Event. The Annual Alaska Ironkids event does not just promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but it also includes Parents to be actively involved in their kids’ life and the event also aids as a good bonding activity for the whole family.

The Borlain Sisters with their Dad before the start of the Ironkids Event.

The Borlain Sisters with their Dad before the start of the Ironkids Event.

Letting our kids swim, bike and run outside is indeed much better for their health as compared to allowing them spend time with their hi-tech gadgets which can make them more vulnerable to ADHD, develop deficiency in Vitamin D, depression and chronic weight related diseases.

Triathlon is indeed a very tough sport. Imagine you need to swim, bike and run successively before you can cross the finish line.


But being involved with them as parents while doing outdoor activities together can help kids create wonderful memories as parent and child which they can bring and pass on to their future. Active Parental involvement is indeed very important. Parents provide the emotional support and guidance in case kids’ experiences defeat, they can also serves as an inspiration in case they experiences laziness in training and lastly Parents are responsible with every child’s diet and nutrition.

The Borlain Kids with their cup of Alaska Milk helps them recover after a fun triathlon event!

Right after winning the Borlain Sisters grab their cup of Alaska Milk for a faster recovery.

So Instead of downloading a new app for your IPad why don’t you check out or and follow Alaska Sports Hub on twitter @AlaskaSportsHub for future Ironkids update and start getting involved with your child’s healthy lifestyle!

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