The Cowrie Grill by the Manila Hotel

22 May


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Way back in 1977 when the premier hotel showcasing Filipino artistry featured the ingenious craftsmanship of Philippine cowrie, the most coveted sea shell found in the deep waters near Leyte. Remarkably unique, the lavish decor with thousand of rare cowries made the charming feature of the restaurant. Hence, The Cowrie Grill was born.

Offering signature creations of steaks and grilled entrees with gracious classic tableside service, where food is cooked and served right before the guests, the Cowrie Grill promises to be so much like the old times preparing dishes in the highest of standards.  Feast on various dishes like lobster bisque flambé with brandy, the elaborate rendition of the freshly tossed Maitre’D Caesar salad, as well as the restaurant’s signature Angus Prime Rib using a Montague steakhouse broiler and a complement of wines from the restaurant’s exquisite selection. To cap off your meal, don’t forget the repertoire of desserts, the most favored of them, the Baked Alaska flambé.

Today, patrons of the signature restaurant of the Grand Dame which -opened its door in its new home at the heart of Greenhills in the City of San Juan are introduced to stylish booths at the Cowrie Grill offering privacy for diners making it the perfect venue for intimate occasions.

Spearheading the team is Chef Marco Ghini. Ghini brings his experience in managing Italian bistros and restaurants. Born in Italy, from Emilia-Romagna region, Chef Marco first learned the ins and outs of cooking from his mentors from Instituto Alberghiero Nazareno di Carpi in Modena, Italy. After working all over Italy—Bagnolo in Piano, Reggio Emilia and Cavriago, it fuelled his interest for developing cuisines from the different regions of Italy. In 2012, he established a gastronomia serving traditional and Italian cuisine called Cibo & Vino. When he is not firing the stoves at Cibo & Vino, he conducted private cooking lessons to resident foreigners and tourists from Asia, North America, and Europe.

Today, Chef Marco has chosen The Manila Hotel in order to undertake a new professional adventure, marked by a strong determination and a great desire to develop his knowledge, experiment with new creations, and fuse to his heart’s content traditional Italian and international cuisines for the Grand Dame’s guests.

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