21 Days to Creativity


According to a World Economic Forum report, creativity is one of the top three skills individuals will need to be successful in the new, digital world. Creative thinking helps one find new ways of solving problems by having an open and flexible mindset.

Researchers have also found that it takes at least 21 days to cultivate a habit. So, if you’re game to make creativity a habit, let us help you with these 21 ideas – all you need is a Windows device to get started!

  1. Start with the end in mind by having a creative checklist on OneNote – which can be synced easily across devices.
  2. Doodle! Long thought to be a bad habit, doodling can actually help unlock one’s creative potential. Pick up a Pen today and start doodling on Windows Ink’s Sketchpad, a whitespace for your ideas and creations . You may be surprised at what you can create.
  3. Bring a new dimension to your stories by combining photos, videos, and even 3D effects. Change your home videos forever with a T-rex chasing grandpa down the front lawn. All this is possible with Story Remix*, coming soon to Windows 10.
  4. Mixed reality is undoubtedly the next step in the evolution of human computing, blending virtual and physical worlds into one immersive whole. With Mixed Reality Viewer (available on Windows Store), you can take any 3D objects into the real world with the device’s camera.
  5. Take your creativity to the limit and create a 3D kingdom from scratch. With your friend, co-create buildings, machines and more in Minecraft Realm. Take your Realm with you across multiple devices including Windows 10 PC, Xbox, VR and even mobile devices – so your creativity is not limited by the devices you have.
  6. Exchange ideas better with a direct expression of your thoughts. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update makes it easier to let others know how you truly feel with quicker access to emojis. Hit the Windows + . (period) or Windows + ; (semicolon) shortcut to bring up the new Emoji keyboard .
  7. What is the most creative color? Orange, it seems, as it blends the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.
    So why not change your Windows theme color to creative orange to see if it stirs up any inspiration? Just head over to Windows Settings > Personalization > Themes.
  8. Looking for a new way to present your ideas in a more visual and creative manner? Office apps now support 3D models, where you can insert, rotate and tilt these images within documents and presentations.
  9. There is no doubt that play is essential for creativity, which is why we’ve built Xbox capabilities within Windows 10 so that you can toggle between work and play easily. For those who are seeking pointers from fellow gamers, enjoy the flexibility to broadcast with Mixer, the easiest and most interactive way to stream your gameplay on Xbox One and Windows 10.
  10. With the Windows Fall Creators Update, Game Mode is now more powerful than ever before. With just a single tap, the feature unleashes your PC’s full processing power to make your gameplay as smooth as possible.
  11. It might sound counterintuitive, but a key aspect process that feeds creativity is drilling into repetitive tasks. After all, you can only break the rules in a meaningful way after you’re truly familiar with them. Take a shot at this with Cuphead, a classic run and gun action game exclusively available for Windows and Xbox, that will test the limits of your patience as you repeat level after level to figure out your enemy’s attack patterns and weaknesses.
  12. Bend your minds with a new reality in town. With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, we are making it easier for you to immerse in a new reality with Windows Mixed Reality headset*. These are easy to setup, affordable and brings a new realm of experiences to broaden your creative perspectives.
  13. Explore new creative processes! The Six Thinking Hats, for example, is a simple and effective parallel thinking process that helps one be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved. Try creating this structure on your Sticky Notes for Windows 10 devices, so that it serves as a constant reminder to your creativity journey.
  14. Fun fact: An average person sits between 7 – 15 hours per day. Perhaps it’s time to take a walk and bring your Windows device outdoors, and open your eyes to new creative possibilities by taking pictures of new scenes to place 3D visuals in within Paint 3D.
  15. Hit a creative roadblock? We all have those moments. To kick start your creative gears, try checking out Remix3D, a collection of 3D models that you can download and modify for your next masterpiece.
  16. When it comes to developing a creative and focused mind, the pen is mightier than the keyboard. Research has found that people who write more are often better at grasping new concepts, and can stay in focus better. Start by taking notes with a digital pen instead of your keyboard on OneNote today.
  17. Try this exercise to flex your mind on Sketchpad:
    1. On a blank piece of canvas, draw 30 circles
    2. In 3 minutes, turn as many of these circles into recognizable objects, such as a smiley face, a soccer ball, a button or other round items
  18. What did you draw? No matter the result, the exercise helps stretch the limits of your imagination, challenging the speed, diversity and quantity of your ideas within a set timeframe.Is Pharell’s “Happy” a musical stimulant for creative minds? A study notes the connection between happy music and creativity. And with the upcoming iTunes and Spotify apps for Windows 10, you can start prepping your go-to playlist to juice up your creative powers!
  19. Review your creative journey easily with Windows 10 Timeline*, which will be available on a later date. Rewind and restore open programs and documents, allowing you to hop back to where you left off without breaking your creative flow.
  20. Having a proper rest is important to keep your creative juices flowing. Researchers have noted that an optimal sleep period is between 7 – 9 hours per day for adults. However, if you’re on a creative streak and don’t want to go to bed just yet, turn on the Night Light to reduce the amount of blue light flashing out of your PC. This will help you get a better night’s sleep once you log off and hit the pillows.
  21. While you embark on your creativity journey with Windows 10, it is equally important to safeguard your digital safety. Windows Defender gets better with the Fall Creators Update with behind-the-scenes defenses against newer threats that can derail your creativity processes.

Remember to have this feature switched on by going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Defender and turn on the toggle switch for real-time protection.

To find out more about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the slew of new, creative experiences it will bring, visit

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​​Roy Doliguez banks on experience against Team Lakay’s Joshua Pacio

A tough test awaits Roy “The Dominator” Doliguez in his third trip to the ONE Championship cage this 2017, but the Filipino veteran believes that he will be the roadblock to Joshua Pacio’s re-entry to the winner’s column.

Doliguez squares off with a fellow former world title contender like Pacio on the undercard of ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD, which takes place at the 20,000-capacity SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on Friday, 10 November.

Pacio is being touted by numerous cageside pundits as one of the most promising competitors in the sport today, owning an impressive 9-2 professional record with five wins by submission and three by knockout.

The 21-year-old Baguio City native is looking to place himself back on the winning track after yielding to Japanese prospect Hayato Suzuki last August, but it will not be an easy task against a seasoned combatant such as Doliguez.

Doliguez, who is also an ex-ONE Strawweight World Championship title challenger, scored the biggest win of his mixed martial arts career last September by stopping Brazilian stalwart Yago Bryan via third-round knockout.

Although he only has 11 matches as a mixed martial artist, Doliguez had a satisfactory run inside the boxing ring with 46 bouts it total.

During his stint as a boxer, Doliguez captured the WBO Asia Pacific light flyweight belt in September 2002 before he unsuccessfully challenged Fernando Montiel for the WBO super flyweight championship in January 2003.

When he transitioned to mixed martial arts in 2011, Doliguez aced six of his first seven assignments, defeating great local talents such as Leo Occena, Alvin Ramirez, Lito Adiwang, Franklin Donglay, Jerome Wanawan and rival Dennis Salazar.

Doliguez stressed that his experience will play a pivotal role in trumping Pacio in their three-round strawweight encounter at ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD.

“My advantage coming into this fight is my experience. I’ve face the best both in the ring and in the cage. I am battle tested, and on November 10, my experience will have an important factor,” he said.

Knowing that Pacio has gone the distance once in his young career, Doliguez seeks to test his endurance.

“He has a bright future ahead of him, but this is a different territory for him. Meanwhile, I’m not new to this. I’ve been here before. If he wants to go full three rounds with me, I am ready. I am best in deep waters of the fight,” he stated.

Doliguez admitted that he is fully aware of who Pacio is and what he can bring inside the ONE Championship cage.

Despite the worthy praise that he has given Pacio, Doliguez is confident that he can handle the versatility of his Filipino foe.

​“For this fight, I’ve trained as hard as ever. I have continued to improve my overall game. I’ve also worked on my ground skills, both offensively and defensively. I’m very excited to test these out in the cage in my upcoming bout against a talented fighter like Joshua Pacio,” he mentioned.

Even though the 35-year-old boxer from Malungon, Sarangani has his hands full at ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD against Pacio, he is more fired up than ever to deliver a winning performance.

“People ask me why I am still competing at the age of 35, and I tell them that I just like to do it. I will go on as long as I can because I love martial arts. I love competing. I love training. This is my life,” Doliguez justified.

“Joshua Pacio is a human like me, and everyone is beatable. I always put that in my mind. That’s why I confident and focused. I know on November 10 that I will prevail over him,” he ended.


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Choose Filipino This Christmas Only at 20th Global Pinoy Bazaar and Global Pinoy Mini Market

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Holiday rush is coming. Shopping malls go on extended hours. Yuletide carols are heard everywhere. Home decors of pine trees, mistletoe and garlands are worn around the house. The aromas of bibingka and puto bumbong are lurking in the market. Reunions and parties are well planned out. And you probably know what it means, Christmas is fast approaching that it’s inevitable to miss out. Most often than not, we’re already preparing our gift list to our “inaanak” and to family and colleagues who are dear to us. And you may possibly run out of ideas on what to give this year.

20th GPB

And in the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, Yabang Pinoy is geared up for not just one but four bazaars towards the holidays. The 20th Global Pinoy Bazaar will happen on November 15-19 (Wednesday to Sunday) at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. This will feature several unique Pinoy Christmas finds perfect to anyone on your gift list. Some of the featured brands will offer bags and travel essentials such as Gouache, Storage Solutions, and The Leather Shop; women’s essentials like Costal Leather Bags, Essenzea, and Obranico Arts & Craft; home basics such as Pillows and More, Bath Gems, and Messy Bessy; and food brands like Chocoflakes by Mon, Mom’s Haus of Chips, and Foodsource.

Mini Market Century Mall

On the other hand, the south of Manila will also have the Pinoy bazaar experience with two (2) Global Pinoy Mini Market on November 17-19(Friday to Sunday) and December 8-10 (Friday to Sunday) at Century Mall in Makati City. These mini markets will include artisanal and crafty brands designed for a modern Pinoy such as George & Rita, Artsy Kit, Eightria MNL and Lettos and Flats.

Mini Market Evia

Yabang Pinoy will also go far south to spread the merry-making vibes at the Global Pinoy Mini Market on December 2-3 (Saturday and Sunday) at Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Pinas City. Wish list will be granted as you see some of the featured brands such as Mia Casa, The Nifty Pandas, Proppy, The Soap Story, and The Artisan Avenue.

Beat the yuletide rush and let’s celebrate Christmas the Pinoy way. That’s four times the fun and four times the bargain spree. Head to 20th Global Pinoy Bazaar and Global Pinoy Mini Markets and bring on the Filipino Christmas madness. These events are made possible by Globe myBusiness as co-presenter; Eastwood Mall, Century Mall and Evia Lifestyle Center as the venue partners. Together with our media partners: ABS-CBN News Channel, Garage, Click The, ABS-CBN Publishing, When In, and Interaksyon.

For bazaar inquiries and other information, you may contact 0906-2353722 or e-mail

For upcoming projects and campaigns, you may follow Yabang Pinoy in Facebook (, Twitter and Instagram (@yabangpinoy). You may also visit for updates.

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#HelloKittyRun2017: A Run Full of Love!

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The 1st ever “Hello Kitty Run” Event in the Philippines was a Major success with over 10,000 Hello Kitty Fans!

The race or should I say the fun run started and ended at SM by the Bay and flagged off at 6:00 AM, with 4 waves of runners. It gave 10,000 participants, a chance to enjoy the   gloomy Saturday  and absorb the lovely morning sights along the fun 5km running route. No pressure along the route just pure LOVE. Throughout the event, the concept “Link Love Together” was widely adopted from race kits to decorations, merchandise to food and beverages, etc.

Participants who took joined the event enjoyed themselves. From the confetti blast, Hello Kitty’s appearance during the start and the IG worthy KM Marks i think everyone just enjoyed every KM of the whole race.

Tokyo Gets and Ten:22 the agencies who brought Hello Kitty Run in the Philippines would like to acknowledge and appreciate the support of its main partner Cherifer Syrup, SM by the Bay, ETC, 2nd Avenue, Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin, Business Mirror, Otaku Asia, Golden Phoenix Hotel, Rizal Park Hotel, Hisense, Toy Kingdom, Skin White, Skechers, Pocari Sweat, Crystal Clear, Pascual Creamy Delight, Fujifilm Instax, Salonpasm ACER, Softex, Gardenia, Kinds in Mind, Banana Peel, Bert Lozada Swim School, Mogu Mogu, Uber PH, Chips Delight and UCC Coffee.

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Danny Kingad balances life as college student and world title contender

In a typical Filipino household, parents encourage their children to exert effort in their studies to have good grades on their report cards in order to eventually have a bright future.

When parents talk of a “bright future,” they refer to white-collared professions like donning a white medical gown with a stethoscope in hand, wearing a business suit in a corporate setting, or holding a blueprint on a high-rise site with a hard hat.

However, the story mood takes a dismally sharp turn when a child opts to instead wear four-ounce gloves to compete in three to five-round bouts for cold cash.

Prizefighting does not require an educational background, which is why most people connote a social stigma to it by assuming that all it takes is hard guts to endure the punishing blows inside a ring or cage.

On the contrary, homegrown Filipino talent Danny “The King” Kingad is bent on breaking the stereotype to prove that not all professional competitors fit into this erroneous category.

Team Lakay’s Kingad, who takes up a bachelor’s degree in education at the University of the Cordilleras, has pursued his dream to be a mixed martial arts athlete while diligently working on his homework to get a college diploma.

Similar to a comic-book superhero with two different lives, Kingad wears his school uniform in the morning with his books. Meanwhile, he puts on his training clothes to hit some punch mitts and kick pads in the afternoon.

Kingad admitted that it is not easy balancing his time between mixed martial arts and his studies, but he is prepared to do what it takes for his passion.

“I am still studying, but I learned how to manage my time with the help of my coaches and senior teammates,” he stated. “I love this sport. I love to compete because this is my passion.”

Kingad is still a second-year Physical Education major as he had to minimize his units per semester to properly manage his professional career and his studies.

At the tender age of 22, Kingad has reaped dividends from his sacrifice as his name is starting to get recognized in the world of mixed martial arts.

A true warrior from the mountains of the Philippines and one of the top prospects to come out of Baguio City with an immaculate record of 5-0, Kingad is a tremendous striker who possesses well-rounded grappling skills.

Due to his outstanding run in local promotions, ONE Championship noticed Kingad and gave him a spot on the undercard of ONE: GLOBAL RIVALS in Manila in April 2016.

Kingad came out on top of his maiden ONE Championship assignment by scoring a first-round technical knockout of Malaysia’s Muhamad Haidar.

The young Baguio City native had an impressive follow-up to his ONE Championship debut by submitting compatriot Eugene Toquero with a first-round armbar in December 2016.

In his most recent trip to the ONE Championship cage, Kingad turned in a complete performance, putting his wide range of techniques on full display in a unanimous decision conquest of Malaysia’s Muhammad Aiman this past April.

With Kingad becoming a highly-touted standout in the Asian region due to his remarkable winning streak, Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao believes that he could be the next big thing in the sport, following the footsteps of his senior colleague Eduard Folayang, who is widely regarded as the face of the Philippine mixed martial arts scene and currently reigns as the ONE Lightweight World Champion.

“There’s no pressure on my part. To me, it’s a privilege to hear that from Coach Mark. I believe in what he said because I train with the best,” said Kingad as a response to Sangiao’s remark.

Although the sport offers fame and fortune, Kingad insisted that education remains as his foremost priority, knowing that he will need to engage in another source of income as being a professional athlete is not a lifetime livelihood.

“Education is very important because my career as a fighter will not last for a long time. By the time I reach 38 or 40 years old, I need to retire and have another day job to support my family,” he conveyed.

“Even though I love fighting, there will be a time in my life as a fighter that I will have to call it a day in competing. Meanwhile, education is something that I can use as I grow older,” Kingad added.

Extra-curricular activity: World title bout

As Kingad continues to juggle his attention between schoolwork and mixed martial arts, he is in what is perhaps the biggest bout in his three-year prizefighting stint so far as the Team Lakay representative vies for the ONE Flyweight World Championship.

Kingad is set to challenge division kingpin Adriano “Mikinho” Moraes in the co-headliner of ONE: LEGENDS OF THE WORLD, which takes place at the 20,000-seater SM Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines on 10 November.

Much like a final examination before the end of every college semester, Kingad seeks to ace his tough test against Moraes, who is a more experienced cage competitor than him.

The 28-year-old Brazilian champion has a stellar win-loss standing of 16-2, owning eights triumphs by way of submission and three by knockout.

Rarely opposed inside the ONE Championship cage, Moraes thoroughly defeated archrival Kairat Akhmetov via unanimous decision in a rematch last August, snapping the Kazakhstani’s perfect 23-bout winning streak and unifying the coveted ONE Flyweight World Championship title.

“Adriano Moraes is the biggest challenge in my young career. I know he is a tough and experienced fighter in the cage. But I believe in what I am capable of. I think I can compete with him on the ground and especially in striking,” Kingad said of his Brazilian foe.

Kingad shrugged off skeptics’ opinion that he is ill-equipped for a world title shot, citing that athletes like him go through rigorous preparations with the objective of having their hands raised at the end.

“There are many who keep on saying that it’s too early for me to have this championship opportunity. We are trained for this. All fighters dream to fight for the title. It might be a little bit early for me, but I consider it as a blessing,” he explained.

If he will walk out of the SM Mall of Asia Arena with the gold-plated strap around his waist, Kingad plans to use it as a platform to remove the derogatory labels attached to prizefighters in general.

“I am giving everything I have in training for this fight. Bringing home the belt will be a testament that pursuing your passion is not a hindrance in securing your future through education. It is also one way of breaking the stigma that fighters have in our society,” he stressed.

Mixed martial arts appears to be a sport for the barbaric and uncivilized, but essentially it is not as it is a competitive field that relies on both brain and brawn.

Kingad desires to see himself among the growing number of world-class athletes that became titleholders in mixed martial arts with college degrees, proving that the word “unintellectual” has no relevance to the sport.

But for now, Kingad will sit on his armchair listening to his professor while waiting for the school bell to ring so he can trek to the gym and train.


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​​Jomary Torres determined to keep winning momentum going at ONE: HERO’S DREAM

Jomary “The Zamboanginian Fighter” Torres shocked the world this past August when the little-known atomweight from the Philippines made her promotional debut against rising Thai martial arts superstar Rika “Tinydoll” Ishige at ONE: KINGS & CONQUERORS in Macao, China.

While the Thai standout has emerged as one of the most popular talents in Asia’s mixed martial arts scene, Torres stole the spotlight on that fateful night when she submitted Ishige in the second round of their exhilarating contest.

Torres stepped on Macanese soil with little fanfare, but by the time the Filipina warrior left the glamorous Cotai Arena, everyone knew who she was.

Everything that Ishige threw at Torres, she withstood as the proud product of the Catalan Fighting Systems countered the Thai’s strikes and even successfully defended several submissions.

However, the most telling moment was when Torres caught Ishige’s body kick in round two, where her confidence skyrocketed as the Filipina held onto the leg and landed blow after blow.

Seeing a golden opportunity to get the finish, Torres swarmed with ferocious ground-and-pound blows as Ishige tried to cover up before finally using the position to lock in a match-ending rear-naked choke.

“After the match, I was happy, but I did not know what to do. Do I celebrate or do I cry? I was really surprised because I did not expect the outcome. It was the first stoppage win of my career,” Torres recalled.

The submission victory over Ishige shocked everyone in attendance, including Torres and her teammates.

“They asked me where that choke move came from because it surprised them,” she revealed. “I told them I surprised myself, too!”

After her remarkable conquest of Ishige last August, Torres moves onto her next assignment as she faces Indonesian kickboxer Nita Dea on the undercard of ONE: HERO’S DREAM in Yangon, Myanmar on 3 November.

The 21-year-old Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines sees her three-round encounter against Dea as an opportunity to extend her success inside the ONE Championship cage.

“This is my chance to establish my first winning streak in ONE Championship. It’s not impossible. That’s why I am exerting a tremendous amount of effort in training. I want to keep on winning,” she said.

While the 26-year-old Indonesian may not have much experience inside the cage, Dea is actually a very accomplished martial artist.

Dea is a national wrestling champion and a two-time national Wushu Sanda champion, who also a well-versed kickboxer with a 12-4 record in the discipline.

“From what I saw, I think she (Nita Dea) is a striker. She does not seem to hit the ground all that much. I am prepared to go toe-to-toe or take the match to the ground, wherever I think I have the advantage,” Torres stated.

Although she is riding a huge wave of momentum coming into her second bout as a ONE Championship competitor, Torres is confident that she will have her hand raised in triumph once again.

“I felt really nervous in my first bout. But when I saw my opponent was right in front of me and remembered all the people who supported me, I relaxed and slowly put my focus on winning the match,” she shared.

“I want to win again because I want to give back to my gym and the people who love and support me. I am competing for my country. Everything I do is for all of them and as long as I can do this, I will keep doing this,” Torres ended.


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​​Burn Soriano feels more motivated under the tutelage of new trainer

It was a bitter pill to swallow for a dedicated cage competitor like Burn “The Hitman” Soriano when he yielded to Malaysian sensation Saiful “The Vampire” Merican nearly ten months ago.

Soriano suffered a first-round technical knockout loss to Merican at ONE: THRONE OF TIGERS in the Malaysian’s hometown of Kuala Lumpur this past February, failing to accomplish a follow-up victory to his scintillating 15-second knockout of Mario Satya Wirawan in August 2016.

Although the thrilling bantamweight bout against Merican put fans at the iconic Stadium Negara on the edge of their seats, Soriano was left disappointed with the outcome of the match.

“I believe that I could have done better in that match with Saiful Merican. I was prepared to go full three rounds, but I came up short. I just realized that there was something missing,” Soriano recalled.

The stoppage loss to Merican forced Soriano to reassess on how he handles his training camp when he prepares for an upcoming bout.

During his time of contemplation, Soriano found a much-needed help in George Castro, who is known as the man behind the renowned Alliance MMA’s strength and conditioning program.

George Castro recently moved all the way from Tucson, Arizona, hundreds of miles across the Pacific to the tropical city of Manila to help ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera set up the first Alliance MMA branch in the Philippines.

Aside from training Vera, Castro has also worked extensively with several veterans of the sport, including Dominick Cruz, Ross Pearson, Jeremy Stephens and Chris Leben.

“Right now, I have a tremendous support system in my training, especially with the help of my coach George Castro. He knows how to bring out the best in me. With him in my corner, it is always exciting to prepare for a bout,” Soriano said of Castro.

The partnership between Soriano and Castro will be tested for the very first time as the Filipino combatant returns to action on 3 November to meet unbeaten Chinese prospect “Rock Man” Chen Lei.

The two standouts are set to face each other on the undercard of ONE: HERO’S DREAM, which takes place at the Thuwunna Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar.

Soriano sees his upcoming three-round bantamweight encounter with Chen as an opportunity to bring back the glimmer of his professional career.

“I want to win so bad. I have dreams and aspirations as a competitor. In order to turn those into a reality, I have to win first. This is the first step,” he stated.

Although his professional record stands at 3-3, Soriano has become one of the most exciting mixed martial artists in ONE Championship.

None of his matches, regardless of sweet victory or disappointing defeat, have ever gone to the three judges’ scorecards.

For Soriano, it is crucial to be an entertainer inside the cage and to put on a good show for fans all across the globe.

Quite simply, the 31-year-old native of Ilocos Sur, Philippines wants spectators to feel like they have gotten their money’s worth.

“It is very important for me to be entertaining. I take the risks. I want the crowd and fans to get what they want, which is an exciting fight,” he explained.

“I just enjoy what I am doing. I am passionate about it. Everyone should go out and prove something to themselves and not to anyone or anybody else,” Soriano added.

With the desire to reinsert his name into the winner’s column, Soriano is confident that his support system has geared him up splendidly for his marquee match-up with Chen at ONE: HERO’S DREAM.

“My team is outstanding. I have the best coach in my corner. I also train with the most talented athletes in the region. With that said, I’m motivated and oozing with confidence coming into this bout because I have them behind me,” he ended.


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